Stratagem Events

Surprise Stag Party

Venue Skibo Castle


The brother of the stag was the client for this weekend and he wanted to give them a rollercoaster adventure of extraordinary highs as well as tough times to get through. We worked closely with him to create a truly original weekend.

Stags arrived in Scotland to be greeted by luxury cars with a white gloved footman. Part way into their car journey they were hi-jacked by a van, the brothers and some staff dressed in black and shuddered off the main road to an abrupt stop. Ordered out of the car, wallets & watches removed and roughly shoved into the back of a truck and driven on in blackout except for a single swinging bulb.

When the truck finally stopped out they all staggered out to a view of the castle lit by hundreds of candles with the staff and lone piper lined out in front with trays of champagne. A weekend of hiking on lone moors with no mobile phones to end up at a loch with a private marquee, lamb on spit and boys toys galore, exquisite dinners at the castle, shooting & golfing and a fabulous firework display to finish it off. What a weekend.